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Basketball Slang & Terms to Sound Like a Pro

Slang and Common Terms Used in Basketball Air Ball. If a player is throwing the ball and it flies the length of the court but still misses, it's an air ball. Alley-Oop. An alley-oop is a type of assist in which one player throws the ball toward the basket, and another player... And One. When a ...

250+ Basketball Terms all Coaches and Players Must Know

This defense involves playing one defender man-on-man against the dominant offensive player and then setting up the four other defenders in a box zone. Brick - A slang word given to a poor shot attempt that bounces hard off the rim or the backboard. Buzzer Beater - A shot attempted in the final seconds and made after the shot clock has expired. The points will still count since the basketball left the shooter's hands before the clock expired.

Basketball Terms and Phrases Everyone Should Know

Get to know these common phrases so you can keep up: Block city: When a player is able to consistently block their opponents. Dagger: This is a shot that a player takes at a pivotal part of the game, typically in the last few seconds. It often... Dropping dimes: This is when a player uses fancy ...

60+ Slang Words For Basketball (And How To Use Them)

Slang Words for Basketball (in Alphabetical Order): Airball. It means when a player attempts a shot but misses the entire board and ring completely, only “hitting” the air. Alley-Oop. A player throws the ball towards their teammate and that person catches and dunks it. Example: Lebron James... Ankle ...

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Below is a comprehensive list of basketball terms to help educate fans of all levels. # 15 footer 2-For-1 2 Pointer 2-3 Zone Defense 24-Second Violation 3-Second Violation 5-Second Violation 8-Second Violation. A. Active Around The Rim Air Ball All Ball All Day Alley Oop Amoeba Defense And One Assist Assists Per Game (APG) Assist Percentage. B. Back Screen Backboard

Common Basketball Terms that Coaches, Players & Fans Should Know

Basketball TermsA. Air ball – A shot that completely misses the rim and backboard. Alley-oop – A leading pass tossed up around basket height which a teammate jumps up to catch and put in the basket while still in the air. Anticipate – The ability to recognize what's developing on the court before it actually happens.

Basketball Terminology Made Easy

Basketball TerminologyO On balance . One-on-one – Two players going head to head, with one on offense and the other on defense. Open – When an... Outlet pass . Overhead pass – A two-handed pass made with the arms held above the head. Overload . A team might do this to pull the defense to one side ...

Basketball Glossary and Terms | Epic Sports

Player-to-player Defense: Defense strategy in which each player is assigned an opponent to guard; also called "man-to-man defense". Point Guard: A strategy in which a guard advances the ball up court to begin an offensive play. Possession: To have the ball. Post: The space on both sides of the free-throw lane.