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Defensive Strategies and Tactics in Basketball

In this defensive tactic,a team plays zone or man to man defense on entire court to create pressure on offensive players.This defensive strategy requires a great deal of effort,speed and aggression on the part of defense,especially applied when teams are behind in scoring and want to slow down the offensive players and need to produce turnovers.This plan is effective against the teams which have poor dribblers and slow movers on court but when defensive and offensive players have equall ...

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First, defenders can play a tight man-to-man, aggressively guarding their opponent with little-to-no space between them. Next, a loose man-to-man defense allows for some distance between a defender and the ball, rather than a close-range guarding.

All Effective Defensive Tactics In Basketball For Beginners

Zone defence 1-3-1. In this strategy, one defender play on the main point of the court, three players play in the front of the court, and one player performs close to the basketball goal. All players have their responsibility, and the coach has to design this strategy by considering all player’s abilities and talents.

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SOS Defense. SOS pressure "D" can disrupt the most potent offenses with techniques and tactics that dictate the flow of the game. These defensive tactics set the tempo by striking first rather than reacting to an opponent's game plan.

Basketball Defensive Strategies - HoopTactics

Disruptive Person-to-Person. Person-to-Person or Man-to-Man defenses match up the defenders against specific offensive players . Defenders are usually assigned to be matched up with offensive players by size and ability. Basically, there are three types of person-to-person defenses: straight, switching and sagging.

47 Basketball Defense Tips (Become a Great Defender)

Here are 5 of the most common phrases players should communicate on basketball defense: 1. “Ball, ball ball” – Used by the defender guarding the basketball. 2. “Deny, deny, deny” – Use by the defender one-pass away denying their opponent. 3.

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Hybrid Defense. This type of defensive tactic incorporates person-to-person and zone defensive elements at the same time. A classic example of this tactic is the Box and One defense. Four players will take up assigned spots on the floor to guard a specific zone. The other player will be assigned to personally guard one offensive player at all times.

Man to Man Basketball Defense Drills, Tips, & Tactics

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