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The overhand dig is necessary when a player has a ball that is hit high towards them and they do not have time to get in position to dig it otherwise. In the video clip below Kevin Hambly, Stanford Head Coach (formerly University of Illinois Head Coach), teaches you how to effectively get the ball in the air using proper overhand digging technique.

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Have you ever been in a situation where you're in position to dig a volleyball, but the spiker hits it deeper than you think, and the ball is going toward yo...

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Volleyball Overhead Digging – “How to Perform Overhead Dig”. Naturally player takes the basic defensive position first - being ready to play the ball by the forearm dig - or alternatively by the “overhead” dig, if the ball travels high towards head. This "12 o’clock"-dig (in which player contacts the ball directly above or in front of head) is very close to the volleyball setting – with a difference that player should tighten the fingers and push hand slightly closer together.

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An overhand dig is a last-second move to react to a high hard-driven ball. The player uses a firm overhand palm strike to send the ball back toward the net, helping to keep their team in the game. In some cases, you’re going to be ready for a hard-driven ball coming toward the floor and suddenly be surprised when the ball comes a lot higher.

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Overhand Dig: these most often come from blockers who pull (which we’ll cover in a future article). As the name suggests, they’re digs taken with your hands (almost like a setting motion) over your head (or sometimes in front of your face or chest). For hard-driven hits, overhand digs can be lifts and doubles, which is pretty cool.

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Overhand Dig . If the ball comes off the block hard and high, you may need to reach up over your head to get it. You can strike the ball with the heel of your palm, making sure it goes up and toward the net, remaining on your side. The overhand dig is not as easy to control as a standard dig, but it can be used as a last resort.

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Overhand Dig If the volleyball comes at a digger’s head or face, they may need to use an overhand dig to get the volleyball back in to the air. This is where a volleyball player uses the bottom or heel of their hand to hit. Diving Sometimes the volleyball will be hit in a position where a digger is unable to get there in time on their feet, forcing them to dive.

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When players don’t have time to react to a hard-hit ball that’s coming at their head, sometimes the best way to defend it is to overhand dig. Kevin Hambly, U...