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Soccer Goal Dimensions (Official Sizes for Youth and Adult)

In the United States, US Youth Soccer recommends the following goal sizes for youth soccer. Starting off at 6U, the organisation suggests using goals that measure four feet in height and six feet in width, and at this age group they should play four or three-a-side to help develop their skills on the ball.

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Here we look at official goal sizes and other relevant information about the goal area. Soccer ...

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U6, U7, U8 – Maximum recommended soccer goal size is 4′ x 6′ U9, U10 – Maximum recommended soccer goal size is 6’6″ x 18’6″ U11, U12 – Maximum recommended soccer goal size is 7′ x 21′ U13 and up – Maximum recommended soccer goal size is 8′ x 24′ See US Youth Soccer’s web page listing recommended maximum soccer goal sizes

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Goals are constructed from wood, metal or any other approved material, painted white, and are typically capped with nets for catching the ball after a goal. The goal is made of two vertical goal posts at 12’ (3.66 m) from center (24’ | 7.32 m total) and connected by a horizontal crossbar 8’ (2.44 m) high. Football goals ( soccer goals) are located at the center of each opposing goal line of a football pitch and are the boundaries for scoring points ( goals) in the game of football.

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When you are lining up to take a penalty or another goal shot, the way the goalkeeper fills the size of the target area is vitally important to your psychological state when taking the shot. The dimensions of a professional soccer goal are 24 feet x 8 feet which means that the goalkeeper needs to be able to cover an area of 192 square feet.

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The goals found in youth soccer are generally between 16.5 and 21 feet wide and between 6.5 and 7 feet tool, while those in indoor football are 12 feet wide and 6 feet 6 inches tall. Here are the Soccer Goal Sizes used by various governing bodies. FIFA Regulations.