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A substitute is a player who is brought into the game from the bench sometime during the game. The substitute takes the place of one of the starting 11 players, while the subbed off player is removed from the rest of the game. Players who are about to come into the game via substitution may be found warming up along the touchlines out of the field of play.

Soccer: Rules on Players and Substitutions

There are strict rules for substitutions in professional and international play. These might be different that what is allowed in a youth league. In many youth soccer leagues substitutions are unlimited. This is so the coach can be sure to allot a fair amount of playing time to each player. Also, high school soccer generally allows for unlimited substitutions.

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Usually, substitutions are made because of an injury or to put fresh legs on the field in place of a player who's lagging. In the end, it's about strategy - and teams want their healthiest, most ...

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A substitution is when one player on the field is switched out for another player from the bench. The bench is comprised of up to seven players per team during any league match. Each player must be eligible to play if needed—eligibility ranges from suspensions to injuries to absences for international games.

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In international gameplay, there is a general spirit of substitution when a player becomes injured. But you can substitute for anyone, And The clear cannot return to the field once substituted. This is one of the rules that is not followed in any of the other teams, and by the time the game is ending, it is time for a fresh player to enter.

When Can A Substitution happen In Soccer? – Explain Soccer

When can a substitution be made in soccer? A substitution can be made in soccer only during a stoppage in play. Substitutions are not allowed while the ball is in play. Also, substitutions can only take place when the referee is informed about them and when the referee gives the signal to allow the substitution to happen.

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You usually cannot sub on corner kicks or free kicks. Substitutions may only occur with the Referee's permission (you can get his attention by yelling "Sub"). Players entering & leaving the field are often required to do so at the Halfway Line. The rules technically say that a player must leave the field first before his sub can enter the field.

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Rule 3 is the ruling which relates to substitutions and the key part of this is that teams are only able to make subs at certain parts of the game so the flow of the game isn’t broken up.