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QT011 - Key Volley Wrist Position - YouTube

For more expert tennis instruction and the Realtennis Network Podcast, go to: http://www.realtennisnetwork.comIn today's quick tip, I show you a great way to...

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What is the role of the wrist in tennis? In this video, I provide an in-depth look at how we use the wrist on the forehand and backhand volley. Role of the w...

How to Hit a Volley by Martina Navratilova - My Tennis Tools

Navratilova is part of the BT Sport team covering women’s tennis. The biggest misconception that people have about the volley is that they think you should have a cocked wrist when you hit the ball. Don’t do that. ”The wrist needs to be in a neutral position. You should have a firm wrist, but not a cocked wrist, as a cocked wrist limits you.

Volley & role of the wrist during contact | Talk Tennis

On BH volley, wrist is neutral - not forward or back. OK for racket head to be above wrist on waist high or higher contact points. For low volleys, it is OK for the racket head to drop below the wrist. Wrist is passive on volleys - no cupping action or deviations in wrist at contact are needed.

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The Forehand Volley - Tennisplayer.net

As we can see the wrist is actually laid slightly back. This is a fundamental aspect of creating the open "U" shape. It's what allows the player to make contact slightly in front with the racket face square to the ball. Without this laid back wrist position, the ball will get past the front edge of the body and the contact will be late.

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Many players use far too much wrist on their volleys. In this video, I show you a great drill to help keep your wrist firm whilst maintaining the correct sha...

The Backhand Volley | Tennis Pro Strokes

The right-hand is on the right side of 1 (left side of 1 for lefty’s) exactly like the one-handed volley. The left, non-dominant, hand in on the middle of L3. You push more with the non-dominant hand.