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In a game where even the best hitters still miss two-thirds of the time, the ability to hit the ball at all is just as important as the ability to hit it far. The density of ash wood makes for bats that are heavy enough to have some power, but light enough to swing with good speed and control.

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Shaping Plane. A wooden box plane with a rounded base and blade, used to make the concave shaped backs popular in modern bats. An old tool for a relatively new bat shape. I was given this one when I started working at Gray-Nicolls. — Smoothing Plane. An old Stanley plane I've had since I was an apprentice Antique Restorer.

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The first step to make a cricket bat at home is to select the wood cut you want to use to make the bat. Wood from English willow trees can have minor imperfections, but they don’t affect the final piece too much. Pre-cut the section of the wood into a workable size, and then wax it on both ends and dry. Give enough time for the wood to dry properly, otherwise the wood may warp or crack, and your entire effort may go waste

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Ever since the 1890s, cricket bat blades have been made of willow wood. According to a new study, however, bamboo bats should offer better performance and a lower environmental footprint, plus ...

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The only wood used to make a cricket bat should be willow and it should come from the very straight grained white willow. Around England you will see fairly small fields full of very straight, lightly leafed trees. Many of these will be for cricket bats. The wood is carefully selected to provide predictable response to hitting a cricket ball.

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In the nineteenth century, cricket bat makers experimented with various types of wood but from the 1890s, they settled on the sapwood of Salix Alba, a light coloured willow, for the blade as it offered high stiffness, low density and visual appeal. The use of cane in cricket has been limited to bat handles and pads.

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He acquired mostly second hand old tools and machinery including draw knives, spoke shaves and wooden block planes traditionally used in the manufacture of cricket bats. He initially sold to friends and local clubs and spent most of his time attending local fixtures where the bats grew in popularity by the day.

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The Art of Hand-Making Cricket bats. The art of hand-making cricket bats is known as podshaving. A cricket bat is traditionally made from willow wood, specifically from a variety of White Willow called Cricket Bat Willow. This wood is used as it is very tough and shock-resistant, while also being light in weight. The stages of making a handmade cricket bat are as follows: